ENZO FORNI manufactory is a family company which from the very begining of its existence wished to offer its clients in Poland real Italian pizza ovens, which are an indispensable component of each Italian pizzeria and restaurant. Real ovens, i.e. made of authentic materials imported from Italy, built in accordance with tradition and strictly developed technology. Wood-fired pizza oven ENZO FORINI is a combination of reliable materials with a new design. We make sure that the tradition, which is our top priority, goes hand in hand with the new design. Our ovens are to be functional, economical, reliable and beautiful.


ENZO FORNI ovens are known for very durable insulation under the fireplace as well as over the oven dome. It provides high efficiency and high level of heat accumulation. The oven roof has been made so as to provide a proper whirl of hot air inside the oven. Moreover, our ovens have a volcanic layer coming from the Vesuvius volcano – located in the Apennine Peninsula, in the Gulf of Naples. This special layer stores additional energy, providing additional heat during the rush hours, in the moment when it is needed the most.


Our knowledge and experience allow us to help clients who already run restaurants or who are willing to open one. Thanks to cooperation with well-known chefs, we offer real support, from the selection of proper size of the oven to the selection of suppliers.